Starspell 3

Starspell 3


Starspell 3 is one our favourite spelling programmes. Because of the nature of its presentation and the wide variety of wordlists included, this package is suitable for all ages and is particularly popular with special needs classes.

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Using the “Look-Cover-Write-Check” strategy, and containing 300 lists of words, it provides a unique and graded progression to English spelling. Each word is spoken and put into a context sentence to aid understanding and recall. Also, pictures accompany many. Starspell 3 also contains printable worksheets with cloze tests based on the various word lists, along with two additional spelling activities. It also has extensive record keeping facilities so that the teacher can monitor exactly how each student is doing. Finally, it has the facility to include your own wordlists. This particular feature makes Starspell 3 fully customisable and very flexible.

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