Edtech Software was setup almost 20 years ago by Liam and Siobhán, two educators with a passion and drive to assist students special to prosper in school.
A happy customer is central to our Philosophy. We have built great relationships with customers over the years - Liam knows many of them by voice on the phone when they ring! We want to reach out to a new generation and bring the traditional values of courtesy, honesty, friendliness to a new generation of customers.
What set us apart from the outset is our expertise. Liam and Siobhán were both classroom teachers with a knowledge of education and the curriculum. Siobhán particularly loved working with children students with special needs. Now 20 years on we are still learning but our knowledge of educational technology is second to none. We know how Educational technology can be harnessed to create exciting teaching and learning opportunities for individuals and classes, for everyone from primary school to university and beyond to the home and the workplace.
The icing on the Cake
We enjoy our work but we take it seriously. Finding you the tools you need is very satisfying Better still if it improves your quality of life -well that is just the icing on the cake! We still get the greatest sense of fulfillment from knowing our products make a real difference to lives of our customers who use them.

At the end of the Ninties children with disabilities were entering mainstream education on a regular basis in Ireland for the first time. Two young boys with communication difficulties entered our lives. As the Shiny new Special needs teacher Siobhán was determined to find IT solutions that leveled the playing field for them. She passed the baton to Liam. He always loved technology - (yes even he owned a commodore 64!) At that time he was doing a postgraduate course in IT in education and so was the ideal one to go on the trail. He soon discovered there weren’t any solutions readily available In Ireland but he thought of a way to solve that ..the lads got their software and hardware and we had a brand new company…. thanks boys !!
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