A clear view of reading Combining extensive research with the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Lexplore Analytics have developed the first fully objective reading assessment able to determine attainment, highlight difficulties and provide objective data to support professional opinion in both the primary and secondary classroom.

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Full Description

Based on 30 years of research, Lexplore Analytics tracks the way a child’s eyes move when they read two passages of text, one out loud and one in their head. The technology records how long the child’s eyes rest on one word, and how quickly the eyes move forwards and backwards across a series of words, to identify any reading issues a child may be struggling with.

The solution can spot if a child may be at risk of specific difficulties such as dyslexia, even when they have developed coping strategies to mask problems over time. It can help teachers to ensure gifted readers are appropriately stretched too.

There is no writing involved for children and results are available in minutes, providing a true picture of a child’s reading skills in isolation of their writing or English language ability.


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