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Dynamo Maths Dyscalulia Assessment and Remediation
DocsPLus Crick Software 2nd Level Writing and Literacy Tool
Crick Software Catalogue 2017 (Clicker 7 and DocsPlus)
Literacy Planet


VAT Relief Disability Form 61a
Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant (WEAG)
Dept of Education and Skills Circular 10/2013


Read&Write in Education
Read&Write in the Workplace
Clicker 7 Access
Assess for Dyscalculia with Dynamo Profiler.
DocsPlus Reading and Writing Tool for Second Level students

Lesson Plans and Ideas

Links and information by Specific Need

Who is responsible for Special Needs Education in Ireland?

The role of the Special Education Support Service (SESS) is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in relation to […]

Aspergers Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome is a condition on the Autism Spectrum which impacts on the way that individuals with a diagnosis view […]


Dyscalculia primarily affects the learning process in relation to Mathematics. Two of the types of dyscalculia that have been identified […]

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a chromosomal anomaly caused by an error in cell division that results in the presence of an […]

Parkinsons’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson’s) is a progressive neurological disorder, and is classified as a Movement Disorder, as it primarily affects movement. […]

‘One in ten people have Dyslexia -could it be you?’

There are many definitions of dyslexia. A very simple one would be that dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which […]


Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as Dyspraxia in the UK and Ireland, is a common disorder affecting fine and/or […]

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