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Detailed handbook for schools  on  eligibility for  RACE 2019 and  the application process  from the State Examinations Commission.

Summary of accommodations available.  Well put together -well done State Examinations Commission!

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1. Purpose of the Scheme
The purpose of this scheme is to provide grant-aid to schools to allow them to purchase the type of specialist equipment which has been recommended by the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) as being essential for pupils who have been diagnosed as:
(i) having a serious physical disability
(ii) and/or sensory or communicative disability to the extent that their ability to communicate through the medium of speech or writing is materially curtailed
(iii) where it is clear that existing equipment in the school is insufficient to meet the child’s needs without unduly depriving other children of access to the equipment.
(iv) where without such equipment it will not be possible for such children to access the school curriculum.

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