How fast can you set up an Edtech Online Account for your school?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018    Liam

Setting up an account for your school allows you to:

  • Place order on 30 Days Credit
  • Access the occasional discount if we are feeling nice!
  • Request quotes for your school -save time and jump to the top of the queue!
  • Convert your quote directly to an order when you get the go ahead from the Dept.
  • Keep track of your orders

How quickly can you register.  We think it will be seconds. Pat Millane in Christ the King school reckons he did it in 5 seconds but we think he is counting the time it took him to ask someone to it. Lets know how long it took you. We might even set up a leader board!

Key things when registering:

  • User Name must be your official School Roll Number
  • Account must be set up by the School principal or with principals permission and principal must be named on the account.
  • You must accept Online Account conditions

Well what are you waiting for!



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