Who is responsible for Special Needs Education in Ireland?

The role of the Special Education Support Service (SESS) is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in relation to special educational provision. The service co-ordinates, develops and delivers a range of professional development initiatives and support structures for school personnel working with students with special educational needs in mainstream primary and post-primary schools, special schools and special classes.

The aim of the service, is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, with particular reference to special educational provision. In this regard, the SESS aims to provide a quality service that is inclusive, promotes collaboration and co-operation and provides for equality of access. In order to further articulate these aims and approach, the SESS adopted the following Mission Statement:

‘Through our work in supporting school personnel, we promote the acceptance of the individuality, potential and worth of every pupil with special educational needs. As a service that acknowledges and values difference, we work with schools to secure these principles and to provide high quality continuing professional development and support structures for teachers.

We are committed to combining a flexible and person-centred approach to the development of teachers’ knowledge and skills with theoretical and practical perspectives so that pupils with special educational needs are enabled to reach their full potential and be included in the whole life of the school.’



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