Dyscalculia primarily affects the learning process in relation to Mathematics. Two of the types of dyscalculia that have been identified are:

  • Type 1: developmental dyscalculia where students exhibit a marked discrepancy between their developmental level and general cognitive ability as it pertains to Mathematics. As a basic indicator of developmental dyscalculia students will perform below expectations with no obvious explanation (e.g. general ability, emotional state or illness) available.
  • Type 2: dyscalculia where students exhibit a complete inability to manage mathematical concepts and numbers. It presents as an enduring condition that affects the ability to acquire mathematical skills despite appropriate teaching.

Dept of Education and Skills

SESS https://www.sess.ie/categories/autismautistic-spectrum-disorders/aspergers/specific-learning-disabilities-links

Dyscalculia.org  http://www.dyscalculia.org/dyscalculia

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