SimplyWorks Switch 125

SimplyWorks Switch 125


The SimplyWorks Switch 125 is a low profile, large diameter, wireless assistive switch that can be used with any of the SimplyWorks receivers to give switch, mouse, or keyboard functions. Because it forms part of the renowned SimplyWorks ecosystem, it may also be used with Toy and Appliance controllers, Pretorian’s range of AAC devices and any other SimplyWorks receiver.

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Full Description

SimplyWorks Switch 125 and SimplyWorks Switch 75 are 125mm (5”) and 75mm (3”) diameter wireless assistive switches and may be used with any SimplyWorks receiver (see SimplyWorks section of this website).

SimplyWorks Switch 125

As part of the ever-growing SimplyWorks range, these switches can be used for an enormous variety of purposes. When paired with a SimplyWorks Receive on a computer, they can be used as left-click, right-click, space or enter, for example. Alternatively, when paired with Control, Control Pro, iClick or Energise they can be used to control a toy or mains appliance. Or, when paired with Smooth Talker, they can become messaging switches. The choices are almost endless. Please click here for full details.

Pairing these switches with a receiver is simplicity itself and setting the switch function is just as easy.

Both switches have an extremely low profile and are both angled towards the user, meaning that the operating surface is only 10mm above the desk at its lowest. The switches do not have a flanged base, allowing unrestricted access to the operating surface.

Now includes a manual power-down option for when the unit is to be transported.

Switch 125 may be mounted using industry-standard mounting systems.

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