Point-It! Joystick

Point-It! Joystick


Point-It! Joysticks are an access solution for people who find it difficult to use standard computer mice. You can use them to move the pointer around the screen, make left and right clicks and control applications. Use a Point-It! to surf the web, catch up on emails, play games, watch YouTube and much more

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Full Description

Standard Point-It!

The Standard version is a compact unit in a tough metal box. The smooth proportional joystick can be supplied with a switch at the top or with an interchangeable ball knob. Four light action colored buttons control the left/right/double click and mouse speed functions. Additional external switches can be plugged in on either side if required.


Bluetooth Point-It!

This portable, wireless version of Point-It! is Housemate’s most advanced computer access solution and can be configured as either a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. As well as being able to control a PC or Mac it can connect to Android tablets and phones, Smart TVs, iPhones and iPads. The Bluetooth Point-It! is powered by an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery

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1 x 340.00
× Single Button Mouse Single Button Mouse
1 x 31.00
× Ablenet Universal Mounting Plate
1 x 64.00
× TIO Two in One Laptop Tablet Stand TIO Two In One
1 x 99.00
× Battery Adaptors - C or D
1 x 13.21
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1 x 695.00
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1 x 56.00
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1 x 812.00
× Integra Mouse Plus
1 x 1,900.01
× Ipevo VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB Document Camera
1 x 424.01
× Blue 2 Switch Blue2 Bluetooth Switch
1 x 290.50
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