Memory Quest Flex Special Education 1 year

Memory Quest Flex Special Education 1 year

262.08 / year

Memory Quest Flex improves Working Memory and Concentration

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Full Description

Memory Quest Flex is a new educational software aimed at improving working memory in children and adults with attention deficit. Improved working memory increases the ability to concentrate and avoid distractions. Memory Quest Flex offers great flexibility and 80 different exercises designed to train different aspects of working memory.

Key features include:


  • Cutting edge working memory training with 80 exercises for all ages
  • Concrete and easy guidance
  • Easy to use tools for evaluation Comprehensive training report (requires Excel)
  • Training available in both school and home setting
  • Multiple reward systems to optimize motivation and training results


Memory Quest enables you to design your own training programmes and tools to systematically evaluate the training are included. The training software is developed in collaboration between clinical psychologists and special needs professionals.


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