Writing success for older learners.  Help struggling writers overcome barriers to progress with DocsPlus – the exciting new writing tool for secondary schools from Crick Software the creators of  Clicker 8


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Full Description

DocsPlus gives students with high incidence special needs the support they need to independently tackle curriculum writing tasks. It can also be used by many learners who require additional access arrangements for exams.

Organising ideas and planning writing tasks

DocsPlus includes some fantastic tools to help students capture their ideas and refer back to them as they write, including a built-in mind mapping tool and an audio note creator.

Creating structured, coherent, subject-specific pieces of writing

There are so many new writing challenges to master as students move through secondary school, from writing in different genres to incorporating subject-specific vocabulary. DocsPlus users benefit from intelligent word prediction, writing frames and curriculum vocabulary banks to help them demonstrate their knowledge and achieve writing success

Proofing and reviewing work

Actively reviewing your own work is such an important part of writing, but getting students into the habit of doing this can be a real challenge! DocsPlus’ speech feedback tool enables learners to listen back to their work and encourages them to find and correct errors for themselves.

Accessing curriculum content

Many students struggle to read worksheets, which impacts on their ability to access the curriculum, develop their understanding of a topic and complete related lesson tasks. DocsPlus’ built-in DocReader will read aloud any PDF or Word document (including exam papers) in a clear, realistic-sounding voice.

Using DocsPlus in exams

If a student qualifies for additional access arrangements in exams, they may be able to use DocsPlus (as long as it’s their usual way of working). In addition to the DocReader, DocsPlus also includes customisable ‘Exam Mode’ settings and an innovative screen tiling feature that enables students to view the exam question as they write their answer.
Address a variety of learning needs with just one tool!

Crick Software are committed to providing software that enables every student to access the curriculum and achieve success. DocsPlus’ accessibility features include high-contrast display options, switch access, touch screen and eye gaze compatibility, and their  unique SuperKeys solution



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