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Clicker 8

Clicker 8

From: 220.00 every 3 years

Clicker is the complete writing solution for the primary classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge.

Clicker 8 builds on the worldwide success of its award-winning predecessors. It’s inclusive, it’s engaging, it’s intuitive, and it enables teachers to give every learner the personalised, evidence-led support they need to take their literacy skills to the next level.

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Full Description

At the heart of Clicker sits a child-friendly word processor. Watch your pupils confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker and word predictor.

Cloze activities are a great way to assess pupils’ topic knowledge, as well as their ability to use semantic and contextual clues. Create your own Cloze activities in a matter of seconds!

Make curriculum content accessible for all with talking Clicker Books, support emergent readers and EAL pupils with Matching Sets, and use Talk Sets to develop speaking and listening skills.

Clicker 8’s Analytics tool gives you a unique insight into each learner’s writing process, helping you make informed decisions about their current support levels and the most effective next steps.

Clicker Licenses are ‘per device’ licenses covering both Clicker 8 and Clicker Writer.  They can be used across any combination of PCs, Macs, iPads and Chromebooks in one school.  For example, ’10 licenses’ could be all used on PCs, all on iPads, or on five of each.

All licenses last for 3 years.  Best value is the OneSchool Site License which enables you to install on an unlimited number of devices in your school AND includes home access for your pupils and teaching staff.


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