C-Pen Reader 2

C-Pen Reader 2


C-PEN Reader 2 is a robust, portable, pocket-sized reading pen that reads text out loud with a human-like digital voice.
Reader 2 is designed to promote independent learning and is a major technological breakthrough for any student suffering from reading difficulties such as dyslexia



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Full Description

• Improved speed and performance
• AI based text recognition
• Audio boost for better hearing
• Fast speak option
• Clear icon user interface
• Easily accessible word definitions
• More memory

• Natural speaking voices
English – American, British, Indian, Australian, (Scottish and Irish)
French – European French, Canadian French
Spanish – European Spanish, Mexican Spanish
• Higher speed reading for improved productivity (slow/normal reading and pauses are still supported).
Audio boost function to increase max. audio volume
Improved voice recording quality – louder and clearer


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